UCLan at China International Education Exhibition 2016.

CIEETUCLan attended China International Education Exhibition in Beijing on 7th May. Sarah Johnston from the International office, staff from UCLan China office, staff from UCLan-BIT (Beijing International Technology) joint programme and our partner CEG representative attended two days exhibition.

Lots of high school graduates, their parents and university students visited our booth and asked about UCLan courses, our teaching facilities, graduate employment and student life in Preston.

CIEET, approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, is an annual event aiming to provide Chinese students with the most authoritative, latest, and comprehensive information for studying abroad, and set up a platform to provide promoting and branding service for overseas institutions. Meanwhile, CIEET also play an important role in introducing highly qualified overseas education resources, and promoting cooperation and exchanges between universities and students. More than 300 universities and organizations from about 30 countries were attracted to this year’s tour.

2016 is the 30th year of UCLan in partnership with China. We prepared 30 red roses every day, a symbol of Lancashire, and gave out to visitors as a gift. UCLan now has various levels of partnerships in China. Subject areas such as Hospitality and Tourism, Art, Design and Fashion, Journalism and Media are very well kCEITT 2016nown in China.

QQ.com, a website that has the biggest page view number in China, came to our stand and interviewed Sarah. Sarah gave a brief introduction about the university, reputable subject areas and welcomed students to be part of UCLan.