Laura Altahrawi -MSc Industrial pharmaceutics

My name is Laura Altahrawi, I am a Palestinian girl from Palestine-Gaza. In 2014 I was awarded a scholarship to study an MSc in Industrial pharmaceutics at the University of Central Lancashire.

I chose Uclan after intensive search for a suitable course, I have searched within lots of universities websites and I found the course description at the university website very satisfying and meet my ambitions specially the part concerning the research projects which are carried out by the department. Moreover, the academic staff are really experts in their fields and this is an important point for any student who wish to work in the research field after graduation.Laura Profile 2016 - 2.jpg

I came to Uclan in September 2014, and I stayed at a university accommodation during my studies. I was afraid since it was my first time to leave home and to come to a country where I don’t know anyone. I was afraid to colloid with this new different culture and my biggest concern was that I am a Muslim girl and wearing Hijab, I was afraid of discrimination.

I was shocked when I arrived and saw the degree of diversity among people, I didn’t feel a complete stranger, as people are really nice and friendly.My supervisor and lecturers were really nice to me and helped me a lot, they didn’t hesitate to help me whenever I needed them.

Thanks to God and then to their help I fiLaura Profile 2016.jpgnished my degree with Distinction and I got the school of pharmacy and biomedical science prize for my achievements during the year “Fiona Morgan prize”.

Finally I can say that my experience was absolutely amazing and it developed me both on the personal and academic side. I made new friendships and I met people from different cultures which helped me to build my communication skills.

Now I work as a part-time lecturer at AlAzhar University in Gaza, and I am working on transferring my experience in UK to my students in Gaza.