UCLan MB BS Medical School Road show

This year we decide to take the world of UCLan medicine to the UAE. Having counseled students in the UAE and knowing the high level of interest that students have in a career in Medicine, we decided that it was high time that we organised a Medical School road show.

Jo Allan, Sue Elwood and Andy Ginty, from UCLan.

Jo Allan, Sue Elwood and Andy Ginty, from UCLan.

 It was a packed week, were we provided students with a fantastic opportunity to meet Dr. Andy (head of anatomy) and Sue Ellwood (programme manager). This was the first time the team had visited schools in the UAE to provide an overview of what it takes to be a doctor. We had some fantastic sessions, and met some very passionate students.

Presentations delivered by Andy Ginty.

Presentations delivered by UCLan’s Andy Ginty.

After the school visits the team spent time with a number of our educational agents, who are instrumental in providing accurate advice and guidance to student in the UAE. The team learned some valuable insight in how we could support medical applicants from the UAE.

We also met with potential students for September 2015. I have to say that the team was very impressed with the standard of students who they met and are hopeful to make a return to the country in 2015.