2014 UCLan alumni gathering evening in Shanghai, China.


There were 11 alumni attended this event after busy work. A couple of them graduated from UCLan strategic partner Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. Two of their previous class tutors were also invited to the event and they are so pleased to see their students’ achievements. With big smile, class tutors said, ‘we still keep contact with some of our graduates. They enjoyed time in UK. They can now live independently and make decisions by themselves and obviously, they are more confident than they were students. We always tell those good stories to our current students.’


Two students who are progressing to UCLan this summer were also invited to the event. They saw videos of UCLan and impressed by the facilities. By chatting with alumni, they know more about UCLan and look forward to their trip to Preston this Sept.

Rachel ZHONG, who was doing BA(hons) Media Management at UCLan in 2010. She is now working as Media Relations Specialist in Shanghai Korrun Bag & Luggage Production Co., Ltd. Korrun is world’s leading bag and luggage’s manufacturer, clients include: Samsonite, IBM, Dell, Adidas etc.

‘I was so glad to receive the invitation. It was my first time to attend a UCLan Alumni party. We had lots of fun that night. It was a great chance to share our amazing experience with like-minded people. Fine food and drinks, entertaining games and new faces with similar experience just reminded me of the old days in Preston. I would like see more events coming like this and more UCLan graduates can join us.’

WANG Fei who did MA Film Production in 2009, now works as a teacher lecturing film production in a university in Shanghai. ‘I’m glad to see many alumni in this wonderful night. Chat and laugh took me back to the days of studying in the UK. The studying in UCLan will become an unforgettable journey in my life.’

CHEN Wenbiao, a mature student who did MSc Management Information System in 2002. He is now the R&D manager of Shanghai Ingeer Certification Assessment Services Co. Ltd. ‘Familiar university buildings, sitting together with other UCLan graduates and talking about our stories. I feel like that I went back to my study time at UCLan. They are not just nice memories, but lots of modules such as date mining and time management greatly help my current work. Thank you UCLan forever.’