Student publishes debut novel inspired by city life

A former UCLan student has released her debut novel – influenced by her life in Preston.

Agnes Voros, originally from Hungary, moved to Lancashire at the age of 18.

She spent eight years at the university, studying a degree in psychology, before pursuing a masters in the same subject.

The 27-year-old has now written her first book, a fantasy fiction novel called Chloe, under the pen-name Nancy Roman, which she describes as ‘American Psycho meets Lord of the Rings’.

It tells the tale of Chloe Raiden, a clever and ambitious 19-year-old Boston University student.

Chloe believes she is superior, is obsessed with control and adopts alter-egos to seduce people. When she succeeds she cruelly rejects them.

But one night she is bitten by a ‘panthera’ and becomes immortal – causing her emotions to awake and her to start to have feelings.

Her journey takes her to the island of pantheras where she has to confront prejudice, expectations and suspicion in a war between the Mother Island and the rebels.

Agnes said locations such as Riversway at Preston Docks feature in the story.

She said: “I used to run there a lot when I was jogging at six in the morning as the sun was coming up, so I decided I was going to put that scene in the book.

“I wrote the book in Preston and a couple of chapters are Preston based. Chloe has an apartment there as well, in the Cubic apartments. I know the view is beautiful there, the library and the square, I fell in love with that.

“Preston is like her mothership. She is a villainous heroine, and nobody knows she has a hiding place there.

“I feel the same  way about Preston, I live in London at the moment and Preston is like my mothership!”

Agnes, who now works in forensic psychology, began writing in her native tongue at the age of 13, and rekindled her love affair with literature while studying in Preston.

She said: “I speak English well enough now to actually write in English, so I decided to start writing again.

“It turned out to be a good decision as it’s now been published!”