Two weeks changed my life!

Two weeks. It seems too little to know England, maybe its true. But this time was enough to change my mind, my plans for the future and my attitude towards English people.

I fell in love with Preston from my first day there. Some people find this town too calm, quiet and boring, but its just a stereotype. There are everything you need for perfect life: university, nice shops, friendly and polite people, lots of international students, clean streets, inspirational parks, famous English pubs and noisy parties. I’d like to thank the British Council, UCLan and for this unbelievable chance to visit Preston. I’ve never seen or heard about this town before, but now I will tell everybody, who wants to study abroad, that UCLan will be wonderful choice for this. I’d like to study there and who knows, maybe after finishing my study in Russia I’ll be back to Preston to continue my education at UCLan.

Gaiaine Avetyan