UCLan in Pakistan

Wajid Khan and I have returned from a wonderful and successful trip to Islamabad and Lahore in Pakistan.

We visited many of our agent partners, met with the British Council and met some amazing students. Some of the students I have met have already got offers to come this September so it will be great to see them here in Preston very soon.

Our agent partners were so welcoming and I even received flowers in a couple of the offices I visited. I couldn’t take the flowers home though which was a shame so I gave them to my driver to give to his daughter who was getting married that week.

Wajid Khan outside the Serena Hotel

We stayed in the beautiful Serena Hotel in Islamabad (see Wajid standing outside it) and had a wonderful dinner at Cuckoo’s Den in Lahore which gave an amazing view of the Badshahi Mosque (again see pictures). The last time I was in Lahore I had no time to see anything of the city so it was great to have an evening to see such a beautiful mosque and to eat amazing Pakistani food.

Mosque in Pakistan

I also ate many many mangoes and drank mango juice every day since my visit rather fortuitously fell during mango season. They are possibly the best mangoes I have ever tasted! I even brought some back for the rest of the office to taste!

Emily at the Mosque