Emily attends NAFSA

Emily (left) with another delegate

Emily (left) with another delegate

Keynote speaker Kofi Annan

Keynote speaker Koffi Annan

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Last week I spent the week in St Louis, Missouri attending the 65th Annual NAFSA Conference & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, which celebrated the conference theme—Ideals and Impact in International Education. It all started with a talk by the wonderful Kofi Annan, continued with meetings with universities from all over the world and ended with a baseball game and tornado warnings. An eventful week in all!

The NAFSA Annual Conference brought together more than 8,000 professionals in the field of international education for five packed days of training workshops, educational sessions and networking opportunities. And it was fun and useful too!

Hopefully, UCLan will have met some lifelong partners from all over the world there and hopefully I will have made some lifelong friends!

– Emily