Trip to Preston Dock, by international student Muniba Shafqat

MunibaI and my friend planned to go to Dock today. As we both were new to Preston. We asked somebody and waited on the bus stop for a bus which can take us there. We were even sure which way the place was. We asked a British stranger about Dock and he was so nice that he literally drew a map for showing us the directions. Then from there we took the bus which could drop us to the nearest stop. The driver was also kind enough to guide us to our destination. As soon as we stepped off the bus we started walking and kept on asking different people on our way to Dock for directions. Finally we were there, it was a beautiful view. It was a very windy day and we hardly managed to keep our feet sturdy to stand still and not to be flown away with the wind. We spent some time there, took some pictures. From there we went to City Centre. It is the busiest place of the city. There are many outlets for different brands, either it is for food, clothes, accessories, banks or whatever you can think of. It is some sort of a hub for all the brands. There are huge ancient buildings which have been maintained well and preserved, and huge malls escalators. A person like me how is a shopaholic would love that place. All in all it was a one memorable day in Preston.

– Muniba