In celebration of good results!

Muniba and friendsIt was an amazing evening with my group mates. Our group scored highest marks and to celebrate that we went for a dinner. Our meeting point was UCLan’s library and from there we walked all the way to China House. I had never tried pure Chinese cuisine before. It was a Chinese restaurant with Chinese ambiance. Most of people were Chinese there, except us. We gave order for ‘Ju guo yu pian’ with egg fried rice. This was the name of the dish and it took me a while to pronounce it. Though I was successful in eating with chop sticks but it was hell of a job. I was amazed with the fact that Chinese are so particular about their health, as there were no fizzy drinks available at that place except their warm and herbal water. We finished our meal and took some pictures. On the whole it was a great time spent with friends and sometimes it is good to try new things as life is all about change.

– Muniba, international student at UCLan