UCLan Foundation year students celebrate graduation

On Friday 8th June, 43 students graduated from UCLan’s Foundationcampus Undergraduate Foundation Programme and a further 10 from the Master’s Foundation Programme. Of these, 17 students were awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Merit Award of a £500 discount on their course fees.

Graduation certificates

The graduation ceremony took place at the Foundationcampus centre at UCLan’s Vernon Building with Centre Head Mary Wade leading the ceremony, accompanied by teaching and support staff.

Louise Eaden, UCLan Regional Manager and Ruth Harrison, International Clerical Assistant, join students before the graduation

Mary congratulated all the assembled students and asked them all to take a moment to thank everyone who had made a contribution to the results – teachers, parents, friends and support staff.

She then drew the students attention to two pieces of paper in front of them, inviting them to write a mistake they had made during the last year on one and something they had learn on another. Then in a light-hearted gesture, Mary asked the students to throw the piece of paper with the mistake written on away – in a bin that she held out in front of her!

Mary Bounds asks students to throw away their mistakes!

There will be another graduation ceremony in August 2012 for the January start students and any that didn’t pass this time will have a chance to re-sit and still progress in September – so the numbers for progressing students should rise further.

– Alex