Happy birthday to UCLan – we are 20 this week!

It’s 20 years this week since UCLan achieved University status.
We’ve been celebrating with our international, regional and local partners this week at our International Symposium
Here are a few facts about how things have changed from when UCLan was Lancashire Polytechnic all those years ago and before that Preston Polytechnic.
Above: The entrance to the original Preston Polytechnic
  1.  In 1992 student numbers were circa 15’000 and today they are circa 32’000.
  2. Between 1992 and today UCLan has seen 70564 graduates through its doors of which 5368 have been 1st class.
  3. Typical PCs in 1992 had 2MB of memory. Now they most often have 2GB – 1000 times as much! Personal storage space allocated to students was only 500KB at around 1992. It is now 1GB – 2000 times as much, and around 6 times as much as we had in an entire server 20 years ago! The network consisted of 12 file servers, each with a 350MB hard drive.
  4. The first web server at UCLan was built in 1996. Access to the World Wide Web didn’t exist until approx. 1994.
  5. Highlighting how the way we communicate has changed, there were 29 payphones on site in 1992  (now only 2), 8 “bleepers” and 1 Telex.
  6. Gross Internal Area (the floor space inside our buildings) 1992 – 106,000m2 – the equivalent of 14 football pitches Gross Internal Area (the floor space inside our buildings) 2012 – 193,000m2  – the equivalent of 27 football pitches The building size has therefore increased by 82% in 20 years Total Land Area 1992 – 390,000m2 – the equivalent of 54 football pitches Total Land Area 2012 – 573,000m2 – the equivalent of 80 football pitches
  7. The building size has therefore increased by 47% in 20 years.
  8. In 1992 the University had just built 850 new student bedrooms in Ribble, Derwent, Eden, Douglas and Whitendale Halls.  This was the first addition of halls rooms since 1981, when the “traditional” halls (consisting of 250 rooms) had been completed. All these new rooms were in “cluster flats” where four to six students shared the bathing and kitchen facilities.
  9. In the traditional halls up to 14 students shared some kitchen facilities and up to twenty seven students shared bathroom and toilet facilities.
  10. There were no en-suite rooms in Preston in 1992. There are now nearly 4,000 en-suite student halls rooms in Preston.
  11. The average rent for a halls room was approximately £40.00 per week. It’s now nearly £100.00
  12. There was no internet access in any halls, very few students had computers and these were not seen as being necessary for student life.  Staff who worked in the halls office didn’t even have a typewriter, let alone a computer.
  13. Very few, if any, students had a mobile phone and relied on a payphone which was situated at the entry to each block, shared by 50 students. It was difficult for friends and parents to contact students as they relied on another student being willing to answer the phone and trying to find the intended recipient of the call!
Above: Preston Polytechnic postcard depicting the campus
For more images of historic Preston, please visit: http://bit.ly/JUsJuX.
– Alex