USS – Life in Preston – A visit to Museum of Lancashire

Hey lovelies,

USS (UCLan Scholar Society) again 🙂 Today we’ll share about our second hangout which is an exciting visit to a museum, woohoo!!!

If you are international students who look for an outing  to have some fun with your friends in Preston, here is our suggestion: The Museum of Lancashire (MoL).

Wait… museum sounds kinda boring, huh?

Think again… because the MoL is so not!

This newly-refurbished museum offers you a journey back in time to see how life was in these old days. You’ll also get to dress up, really!!!


Judge, lawyer and… Santa Clauses? in our own trial 😉


Lancashire Through Time – Well, lots of displays and activities here. Don’t forget to try out the archaeological dig and the work of conservators to preserve these long buried treasures.


Little schoolgirls in their class back in old old days 🙂 This is how they dressed


But Asha proposes that maybe the cap is used as covers if these schoolgirls want to sleep in class =))


Together in the old classroom


Cheers to our multicultural society 🙂

7 of us outside the museum

That’s it for our recent exciting outing with lovely USS members. With its current free-of-charge admission (until November this year), why not take your chance to explore Lancashire from old times to present days?

Have lots of fun there. We’ll talk to you real soon xx