International presentation at the ‘Junior University’

Yesterday, my colleague Angeline and I delivered a workshop on how international UCLan is at the first edition of the UCLan Junior University at our UCLan Burnley Campus.

The official launch took place in the morning and was inaugurated by the Queen.

To see a video, please clisk on the following link:

The workshop went very well although I was initially a bit nervous giving a presentation to such a young audience (13/14 year old pupils). As I was an international student a few years ago, I felt particularly keen to tell them about my background and studying abroad changed my life.

We started the presentation by asking the students to guess where we were from and they all demonstrated their wide knowledge of geography by naming: China (which is a very common response), Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, North Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and even Papua New Guinea! I eventually had to tell them I am from Laos, a small country in South East Asia. They managed to guess Angeline’s home country after three guesses: South Africa, Zimbabwe and finally Kenya.  When they later found out we could respectively speak 5 and 7 languages, they all started to clap and it was such a nice moment as they were genuinely impressed.  As some of them were learning French and Spanish, I think it really made them feel they could take on even more languages. They were very keen to know the number of countries each of us had travelled to and were quite amazed to find out about our campuses in Cyprus and Thailand as well as the Travel Bursary scheme we have. At the end of the presentation, once asked whether they felt more confident they could have an international experience, they all started to raise their hands, and I really felt we achieved our mission.

– Lily and Angeline