UCLan Scholar Society (USS)

Hello to the world!!! We are members of the newly-established UCLan Scholar Society (USS) – a ‘glowing’ society of scholarship holders at UCLan.
As part of our responsibilities as the university ambassadors, we’ll frequently keep this blog updated. Please do expect to see more entries from us very soon.
Now to start with, our proud USS members are starred in this first entry 🙂

My name is Omolabake Fakunle, I’m from Nigeria and I received the YABATECH/ UCLan Excellence Award. My experience as the Chairperson of the UCLan Scholars Society has been rich and rewarding due to the interactions and friendship with people from different cultures and countries. My contact email is oafakunle@uclan.ac.uk. My picture was taken at the Blackpool leisure resort on a trip with other International students.

Hi, my name is Lam Bao Quynh Tran and I come from Vietnam. I was awarded the Vietnam Excellence Award from UCLan where I am pursuing my MSc in Marketing Management.
Scholarship holders are supposed to act as the university ambassadors; this is one of the reasons why we created this UCLan Scholar Society which I am proud to be a part of. This is where I have chance to meet and make new friends who come from different countries and backgrounds and learn a lot from them. Although the society is relatively new and currently has a limited number of members, I do find all of them extremely creative, enthusiastic and passionate so I expect to see our society grow in the very near future.

Hi! Im Laureena Quadros, Indian by birth, but brought up in Dubai – United Arab Emirates all my life. I consider myself a fun loving, explorative and enthusiastic induvi”dual. Having been brought up in a country where 80% of the population are of a different nationality- i love making friends and am extremely inquisitive about different cultures. It is a privilege to have been awarded the UAE excellance award by Uclan which has really helped me achieve my academic goals and a hope at a successful career. What makes this experiance even more enjoyable is the formation of our society the Uclan Scholar Society. Through the scholarship endeavour intiated by uclan I have been very fortunate to be part of a group of like mided and creative induviduals that have added a little zest to my mundane life as a student. The past few months in Preston has taught me alot, made me grow in a different manner and opened my eyes up to so many new and interesting things. USS is like a family away from home where we can talk, share our experiance and strategise new adventures. Iam very happy to be a part of Uclan and of this unqiue society – whoose memories i’ll cherish for life.

Hi everyone! I am Asha Lamichhane from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am awarded the “Nepal Excellence Award” from University of Central Lancashire where I am doing MSc. Business Management. The scholarship has made me feel been recognised of my hard work, effort and skills. Being a part of the Scholarship Society at UCLan has been an exciting journey. It has given me new horizons to gain more knowledge and become more responsible and dedicated to myself, my work and people around. Glad to be a part of UCLan!!!

Hi, My name is Han Xu and i come from China. I hold the Uclan Chinese excellent scholarship. I am proud of the scholarship society, it gives us a chance to meet new friends and talk about the live and study in UClan

My name is Mr. Mach Abraham Jok from the Republic of South Sudan. I am a full time student at UCLAN pursuing a Master of Science in Construction Project Management at the School of Built and Natural Environment. I am sponsored by UCLAN and scholarship covers all tuition fees and accommodation for nine months.
I whole heartedly thank the University for Having granted me this golden opportunity to advance my career development and progress towards a great contribution to my beloved country. I am fully convinced that I was NOT the brightest student to deserve this scholarship but was simply lucky to be chosen among thousands worldwide. I have enjoyed my stay at UCLAN which I see as a home away from home. My School, the International Office, the Library and Futures have been fantastic in terms of continued guidance on how to make use of the abundantly available learning resources. UCLAN is the learning place I have so far seen in my life and I believe with this hospitable atmosphere and abundant learning resources, there is no room for failure, unless one chooses to do so.I love UCLAN.Viva UCLAN.

Hi my name is Jawad and I am from Pakistan. I feel really honored and privileged that I was awarded “Pakistan Excellence Award” which also was the basis for choosing Uclan as an institution for my further studies here in UK.
My experience had been wonderful since the day when we first met in the scholarship ceremony .Although my interaction and involvement physically had not been very active but I was taken on board for all the issues relevant to the society and was invited for all the social meetings and gatherings that the society arranged for. Since I moved to Manchester I really feel that I miss being part of such a great society with enthusiastic and passionate team members. However I still await to welcome you in Manchester!!!!!

Hi, I’m Sarach from Thailand. I has been awarded the Thailand Excellence Award by UCLan. I am extremely honored to be a part of this USS society

That’s it for our first entry as a society. Wanna join us? 😉

Please also browse for older entries from some of our members if you’re interested. We’ll talk to you soon xx