How Facebook is changing

Here at UCLan, we have embraced Facebook to communicate with the world.

As many of you will know, Facebook is going through major changes to the way that Pages look and behave.

Below is a summary of the main points you need to take note of!

1. Cover Photo
As you will have seen from your personal timeline, your profile picture now has a large, landscape image. The most important aspect of this is that Facebook are now making it explicitly clear that you will NOT be allowed to use this cover to sell, or direct people to take actions (i.e. an arrow pointing to the “Like” button)

2. Profile picture

The profile picture remains largely unchanged, although you will need to re-size this to the new size of  180 x 180 pixels.

3. About Section and Apps – REALLY IMPORTANT

There are some largely cosmetic changes to the “About” this page text which is so often ignored or unread in the previous Page format. The new About text block takes much more prominence on the new Page layout, so make sure your first 2 lines are as exciting and compelling as they can be.


IMPORTANT: The real technical change to Pages affects something which we have all become accustomed to – landing pages. Facebook has now removed the ability to set a default landing tab, meaning that Like Gates are a thing of the past.  This is why it will be so crucial to ensure that your app makes the very most of the new icon size it has.

4. Pinned posts

Pinned posts are posts which the administrators have decided should feature more prominently than anything else, as below (the small yellow flag):

The small yellow flag is an indicator that this is the post that the administrator wants to bring your focus to. So, however much content is created by either the Page or Fans, this post will remain at the top of the Page. You may know this in another form as a “sticky” post. In doing so, Facebook believes that this will bring the old “default landing tab” approach to a wider range of content.

5. Larger stories

New Pages are a much more visual affair, with much more prominence given to video and images. This has been evident in Edgerank i.e. how much of your content is visible within fans’ news streams – with much more weighting (visibility) given to images and videos.

As you can see from the drop-down menu, you have a much more organised and centralised way of managing your page, even to the point of being able to list and adjust the visibility of items you have posted:

We hope you are enjoying the new face of Facebook as much as we are! We’d like to hear your views on social media – what Facebook means to you and how important it is in your day to day lives.

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