HOST visit by Rui ZHU

This Host visit is amazing. In March 9th 2012, my friend Winnie and I went to Harrogate, and a 75 years old grandma Ann met us in the train station. The weather was not good that day, she took us to a supermarket and a garden centre first, and then we went directly to her house. It’s a beautiful house which is about 30 minutes’ drive from the city centre. We are so exciting that we took photos everywhere in her house. This photo is taken in the living room. Everything is so beautiful.

Then we have dinner with Ann’s friends. Ann’s cooking is fantastic. We enjoy it very much. After dinner we went to living room chat with them. We shared some experience with them, and talked about the cultural difference between Chinese and English. This enriched my knowledge and improved my English speaking skills. In the photo below Ann is cooking.

The second day we went to the woodland with Ann’s sister and brother in law. They own this woodland and they are kind and warm hearted. I never walk in the woods before and this experience is amazing. They would spend one or two hours in the woods every day. I can neve imagine they are over 70 years old.

After that we went to How Stean Gorge. Then we have a picnic.

In the evening we went to a concert. We sit in the front and have a good view of the performance. It is touching and we lost ourselves in it.

The next day morning we went to see Ann’s hens. She kept them for a long time. It’s rare to see people in the UK keep hens.

Then we went to a world heritage Fountains Abbey. We spent a long time in it cause the scenery is so beautiful. Outside the Abbey there is a river leads to the water garden.

After visiting it we had lunch in a restaurant, and then Ann sends us to the railway station. We say bye to each other and take a photo with she. She is so kind and we just feel like she is my family. I know HOST by chance, and I never thought I can have this experience. This trip broadened my horizon and enriched my knowledge. I appreciated that UCLan offer me this chance which made my overseas’ study different.

Reya (Rui ZHU)