UK Student Travel Bursary: Hamed Holloway goes to Jordan

Over 100 UK-resident UCLan students were able to fulfil their dream of overseas travel last year, thanks to the UCLan UK Travel Bursary.

Hamed Holloway, a  year 3 BA TESOL and Arabic, put forward a proposal to help fund his time abroad in Jordan, a necessary feature of his degree, having been advised to take Arabic as a major route after gaining outstanding marks in both his first and second year. The student hopes in the future to work in the Middle East, possibly for the FCO, in a diplomatic role.  He is particularly interested in diplomacy because of what he regards as hostilities which often emerge between Europe and the Middle East due to lack of knowledge of each other’s culture; the student wants to be able to play an active role in promoting mutual understanding of Arab culture and Western culture.

More blog posts from UK Travel Bursary students will follow soon! – Alex