York – a trip to ‘old days’

 Last Saturday, we had an exploratory trip to York – one of the oldest cities in UK. Well, old city has historic yet elegant attractions of great beauty to offer, from ancient buildings and architecture to medieval streets.

I kicked off the trip with the famous and marvelous City Wall. Due to current weather with snow resulting in slippery conditions, visitors were not allowed to walk all the way on top of the wall. But for me, it’s enough to take a short walk on the wall, which brings a totally different experience to get a fantastic view of the city below your feet!

Being a very compact city, York offers almost everything it has within or just outside the wall. That is to say that you can walk to visit several famous tourist attractions including York Minster, Yorkshire Museum, National Railway Museum, Jorvik Viking center as well as enjoy a historical touch from narrow medieval streets in the city center. All of them are accessible on foot!

The famous Wall and majestic York Minster

However, for me, highlight of the day is when I visited the National Railway Museum. It’s pretty childish but I put such title for a reason: you know, back to “old days” when we all were children and read Harry Potter dreaming about the day when we get an admission letter from Hogwarts school hahah… If you a big fan of HP, you definitely need to try out the train journey; just jump on the train (no, you’re supposed to pay, of course, £2 for an adult) and enjoy the feeling of being a teenage witch going to Hogwarts.

Well… Meet the world’s greatest wizard Dumbledore and the Hogwarts Express Locomotive

Apart from all those wizard and magic stuffs, you can definitely learn about the railway history and its impact on British society with the collection of more than 100 locomotives and 250 items of rolling stock on display.

That’s my one day trip. Since I did not have much time because we only arrived at 11 in the morning, I could not be able to explore more than a few places I have mentioned. But castles, ghost tours and Jorvik Viking center are what I have been told about and would probably have tried them out if I had more time.

So…York, anyone?

– Tran