International student trip to York

Fabulous York trip!!!      


Having fun in York!


Fabulous, freezing, magnificent… those are only some utterances that I want to say about the social trip to York organized by International Office which I participated last Saturday. We were in York in groups of 3 and we all had very good time there. It was amazingly cold and there were lots of thick snow layers in York. To be honest, that really surprised us because we only experienced one day of snow in Preston. As a result, we spent a great deal of time to take pictures with snow.  We found our way to the Visitor Information Office where we can have a city map and enjoy full features of the city. The City Walls were absolutely phenomenal with wonderful colour and design. York Minster is in the heart of the city and we really admired the old-styled of the buildings. Deans Park was really lovely. It is such a cold day that we stopped at several stores to keep warm and did window shopping. It is really interesting that stores in York had a totally different look as compared with other places. York Art Gallery was great and noticeably, National Railway Museum was brilliant and we spent several hours in the museum and totally enjoyed it.  The York Trip was completely fantastic and we still want to go there again!!!


Building a snowman in York

– Trung Kien