Thank you International Office!

I have recently been very stressed due to my assignments and personal duties. Thankfully, I had a trip to York which helped me to refresh my mind that I really needed. When I got into the bus, I was alone and felt strange as I did not know any one. Then, I could communicate with and meet many new friends with Nicola’s great idea; she simply told us to write our names on a small piece of paper and sticking them on to our jackets.


International students with York Vikings!

It and Nicola’s energetic speeches really helped me to break the ice between myself and others. When we arrived there, we visited touristic attractions in a group which we met for the first time and decided to walk around together. York is a great city and I really enjoyed visiting there. In our return, I met a Spanish person who sat next to me on the couch. It was my first time in life to talk with a Spanish person for such a long time: our conversation took all the way which was almost two hours and we talked about many interesting points. I am so happy for going to that trip and would like to thank International Team of UCLan for arranging such an amazing trip.

– Mustafa Wshyar Abdullah Al-Ahmedi