Pancake Day 21st February 2012


Today is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day or Mardi Gras (Fat Day).  It is traditional in the UK and many other countries to eat Pancakes on this day as, for Christians, it is the last day to indulge yourself and use up foods that are not allowed to be eaten during Lent, the time of abstinence.  Pancakes contain fat, butter and eggs and are traditionally forbidden during Lent. 

Pancakes are delicious and can be made very quickly. If you want to get cooking, check out Delia Smith’s pancake recipe at .  

Serve them with lemon juice and sugar; jam; icecream or something savoury.  

Half the fun in eating pancakes, is in the making of them! 

We’d love to hear if you made pancakes today and what you recommend serving it with.