travelling into preston, by Han Xu, international student at UCLAN

Travelling to Preston

I moved to Preston with my luggage on 6th, Sep, 2011. What I have seen is a quiet city with kind-hearted citizens. Indeed, Preston is not a core city like London, Manchester or Birmingham, but it gives me a more easy way to get use to the life here. After the first glance of the city, I think I begin to fall in love with it – A sincerely city with leisure life and friendly citizens.

In the next day after I moved to this city, I went to the ‘I’, the information center of university of to do my registration. Although I was a little nervous at first, the kind-hearted school staffs made me feel relax. All the staffs in the information center are so nice and smile with you all the time.

After finished the registration, I wandered in the school to get familiar with my new school. All the buildings in University of Central Lancashire are in red color. Just like most of cities in the Northern Part of England, the buildings are made by ‘red bricks’. I like the red color of all the buildings, it made me feel happy. At that time, I was look forward to my new studies in this school.

What worth mentioning is my school building. As I studies at School of Media and Communication, one main building of our department is the Media Factory. It is a quite unique building in the school, with white and green bricks. I like the design of this building because it seems like the Bauhaus architectural style in German. As a student who is interested in arts, I think this kind of design can always inspire students for more art creativities. Inside the building, you can find varieties of media facilities, which provide amazing media equipment for students who study photography, film producing or journalism. When I saw this building, I am looking forward to the first lesson in this building.

After wandering around the school, I went to the city center to have a look. The high-street view in Preston is quite different as those in China. As I came from Beijing, I am familiar with high buildings and lots of people. However, in Preston, the high street is quite lonely in my eyes. I walked along the street, saw some people sitting on the table besides the street to have a cup of coffee. The life there is quite leisure. This is quite different as the busy life in China. At that time, I feel a little lonely. I continuing walked alongside the street, I find that although the scale of the high street is not as big as it in China, the products sold by the shops are more refinement and some products is even cheaper than China. Haha, this made me happy! After had a cup of chocolate, I sat on the table near the street, like most English people do, looking at people through the street. They are so leisure; they are always looks happy and friendly. Maybe the real life is like English people. Both idle and Freedom. From that time, I think I began to love the lifestyle here. I will enjoy the future one year’s life in Preston. Enjoy the leisure life, enjoy the differences of culture, and enjoy my studies.