Settling to my new surroundings, By Han Xu, international student at UCLAN

Settling to my new surroundings


How time flies. It is the third week since I came to Preston. The class is already begun, I need to study hard and get familiar with the new surroundings. After the past several weeks, I felt no longer lonely, made some new friends and I think it is the time for me to enjoy the new life and studies here.


Today, I would like to share my feelings of settle down with the new surroundings. I will share my leisure life with you here. Including, the introduction of some delicious food in Preston; the wonderful snooker club in Preston and the wonderful fish market of fresh food in this city.


  1. Eat at Preston

Here, I would like to introduce you some food around the Preston Campus and inside this city. Firstly, I would like to introduce some Chinese Food. There is a small Chinese take away named as real China just besides the Chinese supermarket against moor lane hall. The small restaurant is not expensive and you can get the discount for the meal on every Monday to Friday. Also, I would like to recommend a Chinese restaurant named New Element. The restaurant is built opposite the Harris Building. If you are addict to the Chinese Hotpot, you can come to there and have a try. Secondly, I would like to recommend a nice India restaurant named as: The Shampan India Restaurant. It is a little far away from the Campus. The postcode is PR1 9DB. The restaurant provides really good India food, with so nice curry and rice. If you would like to come on Monday to Thursday from 17.00 to 19.00, you can have a 10 pound buffet including a starter, a main course with curry and rice, and a coffee. At last, I want to introduce a very nice Fish and Chips small shop to you. It is the best Fish and Chips shops I have seen in England. The shop only opens after 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It located at the intersection of Plungington Road and Ripon Street.

2.Stephen Hendry’s snooker and Pool Club

As a fun of snooker, I was surprise that there has a snooker club owned by Stephen Hendry in Preston. Snooker funs get together in this club. Some of them have amazing snooker skills. If you are a snooker fun, you can come to there and I am sure you can meet many friends there. Now the club is operated by the sister of Hendry’s wife. Both the operator and her little son are good at snooker. If you are confidence with your snooker skills, you can also have a match with them! The postcode of the club is PR1 7NH and it is located at brook street.

3. Fish Market

Although most of you know the Fish Market in the city center, I still want to recommend it again in this page. There are varieties of meat, fish, and vegetable for you to choose in the Fish Market. All the products are very fresh. In my opinion, some products in the fish market are even cheaper than in supermarkets like Tesco or Sinsbury’s. Therefore, I am highly recommend the fish market.

All in all, Preston is a good place for living and social leisure. I enjoy the life in Preston. However, in spite of enjoying the leisure activities in Preston, we still must not forget to study.  🙂