Travelling to Preston, by Yervant Baghdasarian, international student at UCLan

Traveling is an important part of our
education. It can enhance our skills and knowledge by contributing in different
cultures and traditions. For me, traveling to Preston is a great challenge of
my abilities to adapt a new life style and also to elaborate the other
environmental changes.

Everything happened like a dream when I took
the decision to continue my higher education in UClan, until I was on a plane
to UK. Unexpectedly, I was very calm in the airport while waiting to verify my
passport at an enormously long queue of travellers, which was the sign of a
good beginning.

The fun had begun when I was about to collect
my massive luggage. Surprisingly, my dear mom was very keen to send all my
stuff in three suitcases of 23KG each. After a long struggle, i eventually took
the train to Preston wishing if I had a “time machine” to carry me instantly to
the desired location. I can tell that with the advantages of modern facilities,
travelling has become easier but not with 3 x 23KG suitcases.

However, my first impression was very
outstanding when I arrived at Preston. I did not have a pound for the trolley
and I was looking around anxiously for change or a way to carry my luggage to a
cab. Suddenly, a man approached and asked if I need a hand and he helped me
carry my stuff upwards to the taxi. Travelling can have different perspectives
for many people but it is quite impressive when your first experience in a new
culture is very successful, which gives you more courage to emphasis your
interest in that culture and to participate in various activities.

My second experience arouse when I met one of
my flat mates on the very same moment of my arrival. This native young English
man is all about manners, kindness, generosity and he truly gained my boundless
respect. He took me around in his car on the same day in order to show me some
important places where I can buy my food and other daily needs. Douglas Adams
said:”I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up
where I need to be”. I certainly did not plan my travel but I was lucky to meet
all these wonderful individuals who were indirectly revealing the beautiful
sides that each person or culture could have.

My journey became more exciting when I was
about to sleep after a long day of travelling, and suddenly!!! At 9:30PM a
woman behind my accommodation was shouting “Delilahhh” and she kept going like
that for about 15 minutes. She definitely has one of the highest voices I ever
heard and I was discovering my third experience about the annoying neighbours.
I couldn’t have had a better chance to end up my day!!

Good Morning. I said to myself and went for a
walk on my second day to discover that Preston is truly the city of priests.
The recollections of the past certainly flash over one’s mind as one visit’s
some historical monuments like these beautiful old churches. I can tell that
these ancient places occupy a great deal in me as I love to see how great the
old civilizations were.

Nevertheless, my two days journey and traveling
came to an end with my visit to the International office in UClan. They were
definitely able to reflect a good service with an eager to help through all the
required processes of the enrolment. They also reflect a high skill of
communication that can score a respective ranking to our university, which
makes me proud of being an international student in UClan.

Finally, by travelling we avail the scope of
making a change. With change we can improve the quality of our life and expectations
just like businesses that try to adapt a change in order to push their
production. Furthermore, we derive the benefit of getting ourselves acquainted
with the characteristics of foreign people where you can socialize with
different cultures and traditions. I admit that my overall experience of traveling
to Preston is successful and hopefully it will get even better.