Travelling to Preston, by Jawad Khalid, international student of MBA at UCLan

Although I have
already experienced an international travel but travelling to Preston instilled
a great sense of anxiousness and inquisitiveness in me to explore this modern
city of England. I have had a mixed feeling when I was coming over here because
I was going to stay here for almost a year leaving behind my family back home
and at the same time settling here to a new culture and all new people.
Although I had no booking in advance for my accommodation neither in Manchester
nor in Preston but the moment I landed I felt like the people here have
extended and lended their hand to me as if they are welcoming me and are here
to provide me with full support and assistance. A philanthropist at the airport
carrying the placard for Preston came forward and asked for any help and
support on which I promptly asked about the accommodation. Within in no time he
gave me a reference for student accommodation in Preston on which I first
looked at him as rather suspiciously but later realized these people are trustworthy
and sincere with no hidden intentions. The anxiety and fear faded away with in
no time as if I was in my own people who are here to care for me in every
footstep. After getting the information about the accommodation I had no clue about
how to reach Preston from Manchester, but the lady at the information desk explained
me in detail the possible means i.e the bus or the train that could be used to
get to Preston and she even recommended Train as the best means to reach the
destination as quickly as possible. When I got out from the train then I
realized that the lady was quite right because it took me 30 odd minutes to
reach the destination and without even worrying for the heavy luggage that was
part of my journey since I had disembarked from the airport. While feeling sigh
of relief I was filled with optimism throughout as if Englishmen are the angels
on the earth with their strong character and their caring and helpful nature
embedded in them from the day one. While on the train I observed how mechanized
their systems were including their trains, planes, cars and even people who
were conforming to all the laws of the state with utmost dutifulness. Their
sense of responsibility and adherence to laws guaranteed me as if I am going to
learn a lot from them and that would prove to be a fruitful experience in my
future life ahead.  On reaching the
Preston Railway station I observed the green environment with clouds hovering
around added to the beauty of the area along with the strong footed historical
railway station further enhanced the beauty of the location. By seeing all this,
my all tiredness and drowsiness vanished away and I felt like why I haven’t
been to this place before. I felt more confident and comfortable the moment I
laid my feet to the ground on the Preston station and it seemed to me as if it
was my second home. The sense of supportiveness was further reassured when I
reached to the Preston station where even the taxi driver did not take a while
to reach me to the final destination and even offered me help in exploring the
whole Preston at some other point in time


Jawad Khalid

Student of MBA
Program at Lancashire Business School (UCLAN)